cane sensor with 20' straight cable-08839

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25.00 LBS

Portable Cane Sensor, SP-PYU(SS)/4P, 36", 4 Pin Plug, 20' Straight Cable

liquid detection sensors are single point
sensors, and are used in numerous top
loading applications such as rail cars
and chemical trailers. They provide
overll protection by determining when
liquid product has reached a
predetermined level in the tank
These sensors are intended for use with
Scully control monitors, which
incorporates Dynacheck®. Dynacheck®
circuitry monitors the sensor, wiring,
connections, and its own operation 30
times per second. When a sensor comes
in contact with liquid, or if an unlikely
fault occurs within the system itself,
Dynacheck® signals for the immediate
shutdown of the loading operation and/or
sounds an audible alarm.
The SP–PY and SP–PYFU sensors are
used in unheated liquids. The SP–PYH
sensor is used in heated liquids. Each
model has an adjustable clamp or
coupling depending on its intended use.
Scully SP-PY, SP-PYH and SP–PYFU
sensors are portable style units which
connect to the rack via a plug and cable.
A socket is mounted to the rack for this
purpose. They may also be wired directly.
They are hung at the rack location
or stored elsewhere when not in use.
The sensor is inserted into the tank
compartment. An adjustable clamp
or coupling lets you determine the
sensing level and hold