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160.00 LBS


  • HIGH-RESOLUTION DISPLAY WITH DAY/NIGHT MODES: 7" ultra bright video display designed for extreme climates and rigorous fueling environments.

  • LARGE SCALABLE DIGITS FOR EASY VIEWING: Large digits provide easy viewing, day or night, up to 100 feet (30 m) away.

  • CONFIGURABLE FUELING DATA: The LCR.iQ® allows users complete control over the fueling data fields displayed on the detailed delivery screen.

  • SMART KEYS FOR GUIDED OPERATION: Smart keys guide the operator through the next available steps in the operation to minimize risk of error.

  • LARGE KEYS FOR EASY OPERATION: Large, petroleum and UV resistant elastomeric keys provide confident feel and consistent operation.

  • METER MOUNT BASE: Liquid Controls standard meter-mount base with integrated pulser allows easy mount-and-connect retrofit.

  • PANEL MOUNT ENCLOSURE OPTION: New panel mount design allows convenient remote mounting, providing OEMs greater design flexibility.

  • ACTIVE FUELING FULL SCREEN MODE: Yellow background indicates active fueling mode to improving safety and fueling status awareness of operators.