Smith E4 Meter

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10,000.00 LBS

The Smith Meter® Model E4 Meter is a doublecase, straight-through positive displacement meter.
It incorporates 4-inch ANSI flanges and should be
applied in flow systems that handle rates typical of
3-inch systems, but have 4-inch piping due to pumps
and pressure loss considerations. Applications include:
blending, batching, dispensing, inventory control, and
custody transfer. The relatively high intermittent rating
is for use on systems that would require this flow rate

» Superior Accuracy – The Smith Meter® Rotary
Vane meter principle, combined with the
meter’s uniquely designed (offset) inlet and
outlet nozzles, minimizes pressure drop across
the measuring chamber, which reduces
flow through meter clearances to maximize
» Low Pressure Drop – Streamlined flow path
provides low pressure drop.
» Positive and Accurate Registration – High
torque drive calibrator with adjustment
in 0.05% increments ensures accurate
» Long Service Life – Low friction ball
bearings, fixed cam-type timing, and rugged
construction give sustained accuracy and long
service life.