Smith H8 Meter

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60,000.00 LBS

The Smith Meter® Model H8 Meter is an 8", double-case,
straight-through, rotary vane type positive displacement
meter. Applications include: blending, batching, dispensing,
inventory control, and custody transfer of crude oils and
refined products.

Superior Accuracy – The Smith Meter Rotary
Vane Meter principle, combined with the meter’s
uniquely designed offset inlet and outlet nozzles,
minimizes pressure drop across the measuring
chamber, which reduces flow through the meter
clearances for maximum accuracy.

• Low Pressure Drop – Streamlined flow path
provides low pressure drop.
• Positive and Accurate Registration – High
torque drive calibrator with adjustment in 0.05%
increments ensures accurate registration.
• Long Service Life – Low friction ball bearings,
fixed cam-type timing, and rugged construction
give sustained accuracy and long service life.