Franklen Equipment and our partners bring experience and expertise to any number of blending applications. We can provide skid built units or individual components to support batch or sequential blending, ratio controlled blends or wild stream operations.

Systems can be manual, microprocessor-controlled or PLC-based depending on your application.

Typical applications:

ethanol blending > bio-diesel > oil and fuel blending > bio lubes > chemical dilution > asphalt blending

Sequential Blending


Loading of two or more products into a compartment through one meter and control valve and one loading arm by selecting individual products in a specified sequence by opening and closing dedicated product block valves.

Ratio Blending


Loading of two or more products into a compartment simultaneously where each product has its own set of dedicated meters and control valves.

Hybrid Blending


A combination of ratio blending a component into a sequential recipe, such that the ratio component is blended each time a sequential component is selected.

Side Stream Blending (wild stream)


A Two- product ratio blender where the minor of two products is metered and controlled by a valve. The main product is free flowing. Another meter and its corresponding control valve are located downstream from where the two products merge.

Injectors / Additive

Additive injectors are designed to inject small amounts of additive or other liquid into a main stream of product. They have a very high degree of accuracy and can inject small doses such as 1 ounce per 50 gallons.

Typical applications:

dye injection > natural gas odorant addition > wastewater treatment > boiler or cooling tower chemical addition