Volumetric Provers are Franklen Equipment's choice



Franklen Equipment uses volumetric proving in its calibration and certification process. Our more than 60 year history has shown us volumetric proving is the most accurate method. Franklen Equipment's volumetric provers are NIST Handbook 44 compliant. Our volumetric provers are certified by the State of Illinois. Volumetric provers are precisely engineered for maximum accuracy to an exact volume. In our calibration process, we simulate a load cycle, including low flow start, high flow filling and multi-stage shut down. Our technicians fill the volumetric prover, the apparent delivered volume from the meter is compared to the actual, precisely measured volume in the prover. Product temperature is measured in the volumetric prover, volume corrections are calculated and meter accuracy determined. Then adjustments are made to the meter to ensure that when Franklen Equipment has finished proving, our customers are left with highly accurate meters that meet or exceed state requirements.

At Franklen Equipment, our technicians have more than 50 years of combined field experience. Our new dual volumetric prover will help us continue to provide exceptional service and precision accuracy to our customers. Every drop counts, and we help you measure every drop.